Water Installations

We provide foundations for Docks, Boathouses, Boardwalks, Cable Anchors and more.


We are your Foundation Experts for Water Installations & Environmentally Sensitive Terrain

Ground Screw Foundations are an excellent anchoring method for applications in waters of all types. We specialize in providing foundation supports for rocky terrain by drilled pilot holes into the bedrock and inserting a specialized pile with high pressure.

When installing a Ground Screw into extremely saturated soil, the Screw Pile needs to be extended to reach deeper, and one or multiple helical attachments may be used.

Ground Screws are fully removable and have very minimal permanent impact on its environment. Building Officials & Conservation Authorities typically favor a Ground Screw Pile Foundation System over concrete or crib foundations.




Foundation Repairs


Retaining Walls

Rock Anchors

Wetland Installation


Cribbing Replacements

5 Reasons

to choose Ground Screws for your Water Project!


Long-term stable

There is no settling of Screw Pile Foundations. Once installed, they are instantly able to bear the load and only get stronger with time.

No Frost-Heave

We guarantee that our Ground Screw foundations will not be affected by freeze and thaw cycles!

Lifetime Warranty

Our Ground Screw foundations consist of hot-dipped galvanized steel and come with a lifetime warranty.

Environmentally Friendly

Ground Screws are a non-invasive foundation solution that do not obstruct the natural water-flow like cribs. They are also fully removable, leaving no permanent impact on the environment.

Any Ground Condition

No matter what is encountered in the ground, our assortment of piles and components can ensure a stable foundation.

Screw Piles for Retaining Walls

Ground Screws can be utilized as foundation supports for various types of retaining walls.

From galvanized steel to treated wood beams, many design options are possible depending on application, requirement and budget. We are here to provide expert advice on construction designs and geo-technical consultation.