Residential Rock Drilling Services

BAYO.S is the manufacturer of light-duty rock drilling attachments and provides rock drilling services in Ontario, Quebec and Northern Canada.
For high volume / short depth drilling requirements like PV (Solar) projects or shallow blasting holes, we can offer the required capabilities to effectively complete the work.
BAYO.S is a reliable partner for projects across North America!

Ground Screws & Rock Drilling form the perfect synergy to effectively overcome challenges in foundation construction when dealing with rocky terrain and difficult to access locations where traditional rock drilling equipment cannot access.

Through the use of pneumatic drilling attachments, a pilot hole is drilled through boulders or into bedrock, which allows for the installation of the Ground Screw. With high torque, the pile is inserted into the rock and forms an incredibly strong foundation support.

Boulders are no obstacles for our foundation installations and are typically crushed during drilling. Boulders can generally not be relied on as end bearing pressure points and require through-drilling.

Services we offer

- Geotechnical Analysis
- Horizontal drilling
- Precision drilling
- High volume requirements
- Remote services
- Under water drilling

How we drill it

- Our predominate drilling method is DTH [Down The Hole] hammer drilling.
- We can drill up to 12" in diameter & can drill pilot holes to 36' depth.
- Specialized equipment enables us to offer optimized project execution.

What makes us unique

We remain accurate in the most difficult soil conditions. Because of the unique thread design of BAYO.S Ground Screws and the precision capabilities of our machines, we can install foundations within millimeters of their desired position.

Our developed rock drilling attachments are ideal to utilize on low volume productions, because of significant cost savings on equipment mobilization.

Working Green

- For environmentally sensitive terrain, our machines can be up-fitted to run with biodegradable oil.
- We value sustainable construction procedures and strive to work with a minimal ecological impact.
- BAYO.S is a Green Certified Business

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...we drill precise, clean and can mobilize lightly.

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