BAYO.S is an experienced foundation contractor for solar projects of all sizes, with over 1,200,000 installed / supplied Ground Screws worldwide.

Solar Rack Foundations (Supply & Installation)

We have been supplying and installing Ground Screw Foundations in the North American Solar industry for over 10 years and have developed optimal product and procedure for always delivering a quality result, on time!
Dealing with rocky terrain? We have solutions for that! CLICK here to Visit our Rock Drilling page.
Services we offer for the Solar Industry:
  • Geotechnical Analysis

  • Foundation Design

  • On Site Load Testing

  • Site Survey / Point Stake Out

  • Ground Screw Installation

  • Helical Pile Installation

  • Rock Drilling

  • Solar Rack Assembly

Geotechnical Surveys

We perform a soils analysis for all projects where structural requirements are high and certainty of local ground conditions needs to be obtained. This allows us to tailor and recommend an optimal foundation design for our clients, maximizing investment and ensuring long-term stability.

Foundation Design

We always strive to provide the ideal synergy between our clients racking or tracker system and the ideal foundation solution for the existing terrain and ground conditions. We are unbiased to racking or foundation type. We install what suits your project best!

Foundation Load Testing

After designing a foundation solution around structure requirments and local soil conditions, we put the assumed design to the test in an on-site foundation load test. We can perform static load tests in vertical tension / compression and horizontal tension / compression.

Site Survey / Point Stake Out

We typically provide GPS point stake out for our foundation installation locations, but can assist you on a broader scope of GPS surveying requirements along your project.

Ground Screw Installation

If the ground is stable and has a good bearing capacity in the first 3 meters, we will most likely install a Ground Screw Foundation or Driven Pile. Should there be boulders or bedrock, a Ground Screw would certainly be the go-to choice.

Racking Assembly

We can supply manpower to assemble racking systems of all manufacturers.