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Cottage Foundation for Rock


What is the best option to choose when considering a foundation solution for your cottage in rocky terrain or bedrock?



Ground Screws for rock, whether it is river rock, boulders or bedrock, can provide a stable, accurate and fully engineered foundation solution. A pilot hole is pre-drilled with pneumatic rock drilling equipment, which then allows for the Ground Screw threads to be inserted, tightly locking into the surrounding material.

In a case of overlying soil, the Ground Screw is typically drilled into the bedrock at least 3 feet. This offers an incredibly strong foundation that is not susceptible to frost heave, settling or shifting of any type.

Often times cottages constructed on stacked blocks, located in shallow bedrock areas with overlying soils like clay; are heavily susceptible to movements during the frost expansion. This is because water is not able to drain, keeping the clay saturated. During the freeze/thaw cycle, the stacked block foundations start shifting, creating an uneven structure.