Static Foundation Load Testing

Static Load Tests are used to validate foundation design assumptions regarding the axial compression or axial tension resistance provided by a foundation element. We can perform highly instrumented static load tests (SLT) as well as basic load tests, for construction quality assurance.
Data Logger recording Load vs. Deflection readings
We perform load tests for pile foundations anywhere across Canada & USA, specializing in remote locations.

Services offered:

  • Vertical Tension & Compression Load Testing
  • Lateral Tension Load Testing
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Deep Foundation Testing
  • Foundation Design
  • Geotechnical Analysis
  • Soil Stabilization
All testing is performed as per ASTM standard - Our largest cylinder has up to 400,000 lbs capacity - From design to geotechnical evaluation testing to post-installation pile verification, we can be of service on your project.
Turnkey Foundation Solutions: Soils Analysis + Foundation Recommendation + Installation. - We will gladly be there with you from the start. Contact us to schedule a project consultation and tell us more about your foundation requirements.
We offer customized load testing, service remote locations and can provide fast service times.

Load Testing for Remote Locations

60,000 lbs tension test for remote applications
Electronically recording load vs. deflection readings to accurately monitor foundation behaviour.
The Rockdrill & Ground Screw Installation equipment is towing the mobile test frame to act as an independent testing unit for effective operations.
We can go and test nearly anywhere… Please contact us to discuss your testing requirements.

Ontario Load Testing